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The Spooky Squad are paranormal investigators researching haunted houses, legends and strange phenomena. Follow this team as they delve into the realms of the uncanny and the unknown. These films are made in partnership with legendary paranormal investigation group ASSAP.

The Spooky Squad Episodes and investigations

Cerdic the Saxon. In the 1980s real life hypnotic regression sessions by ASSAP unearthed the “character” of Cerdic The Saxon in one of their test subjects. This is the final film of that project.

The Navy Inn. The Spookies come to this famous Plymouth pub in search of the legendary Navy fireplace ghost.

Spooky Day Out Part 2. The Spooky Squad return to eerie Dartmoor to continue their investigation into the myths and legends of this atmospheric place.

Castle Horneck, Penzance. The Spooky Squad investigate the many sightings and strange occurrences of this historic building. This leads to some very strange encounters for two of the squad members .

The PennyComeQuick Pub. With the help of a medium The Spooky Squad investigate the strange goings on at this place.

Spooky Day Out Part 1. The Spooky Squad investigate the myths and legends of ancient Dartmoor.

The Ferryhouse Inn. The Spooky Squad stay the night in this haunted pub to see if it really does have ghostly problems.

Oiuija Boards. The Spooky Squad conduct a scientific investigation into oiuija boards to see if they can manifest spirits or receive messages.

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