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Chris Ball Hero Episodes

The great moustache competition. Chris goes up against his workmates in order to try and win the £7 charity jackpot for the best moustache.

Chris Ball hits the deck. Chris checks out real ale at a beer festival to see if real ale is better than fosters. Can this lager boy survive?

The Battle of the Beers. Chris goes up against Ross the Terminator in this last man standing beer drinking competition. Can the Hero defeat the Terminator?

The Fantastic Video Games Competition. The Hero faces Ross the Terminator in this video games war. Different games, different venues, different consoles. Every win counts as the loser has to face getting waxed.

The Hero’s World Premiere. Chris premieres episodes 2 and 3 to a full house on the big screen at plymouth pavillions. Has Chris managed to hit the big time?

The Return of The Terminator! Ross the Cowardly Lion finally gets the courage to challenge Chris in this return of the video games competition.

“Chris Ball On Strike”. The Hero and the Terminator go out fighting for thier pensions on the recent national strike day.

This is the first volume of the famous Chris Ball Hero at work promos. Chris was recently banned from making any more of these films so this collection is pretty special.

This is the second and last of the BANNED series of promo videos featuring this internet cult favourite Chris Ball Hero. These films were shot in secret. Check him out annoying and pissing off his workmates in style.

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