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Festival selection for Spooky Squad Episode 6

Spooky Squad episode 6 took home an honourable mention at this years Fortean Film Festival. It competed in the paranormal investigation category. Congrats to everyone involved. Check out the trailer below.

Beast of Bodmin - Spooky Squad special

The Beast of Bodmin Spooky Squad special is in production. This hunt for the notorious and elusive big cat features appearances from members of the Centre of Fortean Zoology (cryptozoology). Filming is ongoing.

Bruce Tomahawk - Mini TV series

Bruce Tomahawk mini TV series is in pre-production. Our script monkey is hard at work writing the scripts for this spinoff from the Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys books and Sphere of Fear movies.

The story features a future time traveller who travels back to the present day to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the world famous rock star Bruce Tomahawk.

Production is scheduled for 2022.

Book Chris Ball Hero to sing at your event!

Chris Ball Hero will travel anywhere in the world to appear at your special event. He’ll sing at your wedding, baby shower, 21st birthday party, space shuttle launch, anything at all.

Send your inquiries for booking him to our contact page.

Got ghosts? Call the Spooky Squad

Contact us if you have any paranormal problems or issues of a supernatual nature. The Spooky Squad will be happy to investigate. Serious enquiries only.

Car series - Hard and Fast

This is the trailer for our car series that never happened – Hard and Fast. This is something that we may yet come back to in the future.

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