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Cinedownloads has been bringing you top class web series entertainment since 2005. Keep checking in here to see what’s happening.

Spooky Squad Episode 6 is now available to watch!

Episode 6 of the Spooky Squad is finished and available to watch! This is the one where Ann and Martin get possessed! This episode has been languishing in the edit suite for six years and now it’s finally finished and ready to view.

Book Chris Ball Hero to sing at your event!

Chris Ball Hero will travel anywhere in the world to appear at your special event. He’ll sing at your wedding, baby shower, 21st birthday party, space shuttle launch, anything at all.

Send your inquiries for booking him to our contact page.

Car series - Hard and Fast

This is the trailer for our car series that never happened – Hard and Fast. This is something that we may yet come back to in the future.

Our collection of webseries can also be found on ROKU on channel Cinedownloads is proud to be a leading contributor to this channel. Check it out!

New webseries planned for 2020

Plans are afoot for a spinoff TV series from the Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys books and Sphere of Fear movies. This spin off is a comedy drama which tells the story of a team of superheroes put together by the now kidnapped rock star, Bruce Tomahawk. This team which was built to protect him from the Illuminati now has to locate and rescue him.

Writing for this series is planned for late 2019 with pre- production of the shoot planned for early 2020.

Got ghosts? Call the Spooky Squad

Contact us if you have any paranormal problems or issues of a supernatual nature. The Spooky Squad will be happy to investigate. Serious enquiries only.

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