The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys book is being produced as a 28 part drama series podcast featuring some famous people and upcoming talent,  music, awesome sound FX  and a narrative provided by Dr. Hugh Pincott of the Enfield poltergiest fame. This podcast will be released by the end of 2020 and will be available on itunes.

Don’t forget, the book and audiobook are available to buy on Amazon and Audible

Check back here for further updates.

Special guests

Simon Bamford

Simon Bamford played the good looking cenobite “ButterBall” from the Hellraiser movies. He has just recorded his demon part for the podcast!

Nicholas Vince

Nicholas Vince, horror legend from the Hellraiser movies has just recorded his part as the evil demon Efuhofcn.

Trev and Simon

The legendary comedy duo Trev and Simon have just recorded their parts as the ominous and malevolent toilet dwelling Illuminati.