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It’s back from Brazil and more “terriball” than before. Dylan Davis is a depressed mess, The Hunter has stolen Faye Le Mort from him, even his dead brother cannot help. Who can help Dylan? The Demon Football of course. Satan wants the Football’s help, Dylan needs the Football’s help, what can go wrong?

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Sphere of Fear 2 now available on Amazon Prime Video

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SOF 2 World Premiere

Sphere of Fear 2 was premiered at Plymouth Argyle Football Club on jan 11th 2020. There was a good turnout and everyone enjoyed the movie. Check out these pics

Festival news

Sphere of Fear 2 achieved an honourable mention in each of it’s two categories at this years Fortean Film Festival. It competed in the WTF and experimental categories. Congrats to everyone involved!

Sphere of Fear 2 has made selection for the awesome IndieFilmChart. Fingers crossed that it goes on to do big things there

Sphere of Fear 2 has attained selection status at the UK Film Review Festival. The festival will be online so check out their website to buy a ticket.

Festival money goes to our fundraiser

Sphere of Fear 2 featured in the UK Film Review Festival at the weekend. UKRF generously split the the proceeds from the festival to the filmmakers who took part, our share has gone towards our Fighting for Cancer fundraiser. Thank you UKRF

Sphere of Fear 2's OnDemand profits to go to charity

Cinedownloads announce that all the profits from Sphere of Fear 2’s future OnDemand run will be handed over to Friends Fighting Cancer. This charity uses football as a focal point for bringing people together to fund raise and support people affected by cancer. Contact the charity on the link for more information about what they do and how you can help.

DVDs available to buy

Pick up the DVDs HERE

Sphere of Fear 2 movie sountrack available to buy

Sphere of Fear 2 soundtrack by Ged Grey is now available to buy and download from Bandcamp. Go HERE to get it and listen to this crazy, freaky, genius music

Review from

Check out’s review of Sphere of Fear 2

Sphere of Fear 2 Review

Review by UKFilmReview

Review by UKFilmReview check out the entire review here Sphere of Fear 2 Review

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