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Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys Volume 2 - Out now!

The latest instalment of Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys has been released!

The Illuminati want to privatise Hell. There’s billions to be made from the free workforce of damned souls there but Satan stands in their way, they will have to assassinate him. Meanwhile, Satan’s on Earth and wants his demons back; he has no-one to collect his banana slippers every morning. But his demons refuse to return, they still want full pay, sick pay and a dental plan. The Temple is forced into a treacherous alliance with demons loyal to Satan and both demon armies fall into civil war. Master Cheng Fu must deal with Steve’s increasing quest for dirty cash, Tiffany Towers’ thirst for power and Zing’s crazy tick boxing. Hated rivals, The Shrine of the Flying Attack Dragons and the misplaced loyalty of his former Temple comrades crush his resolve. The Temple is at risk of spiralling into chaos forever. Can Cheng Fu save the Temple? Will his team of oddballs and losers hinder or help him? Can the Hunter keep his magic box secret from Satan? Will the Illuminati stop dwelling in toilets? Find out the answers in this crazy second instalment.





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