The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys Book 2

Coming soon, September 2019

The Illuminati plot to privatise Hell in order to capture a free workforce of billions of slaves. To do this they must first assasinate Satan. With Satan now on Earth eager to take back his demons, he is faced with a full on revolt as the demons reject him and then fall into civil war. The Temple is forced into a treacherous alliance with demons loyal to Satan, whilst the unionised demons seek to join the labour market. Master Cheng Fu must deal with attacks from their deadly rivals; the Shrine of the Flying Attack Dragons and the misplaced loyalty of his former Temple comrades. He must also regain control of the Temple from Steve, who is busy introducing a monetary system designed to bring the demons under his own control. The Temple is at risk of spiralling into chaos forever. Can Cheng Fu save the Temple? Can he bring his daughter back? Will his team of oddballs and losers hinder or help him? Can the Hunter keep his magic box secret from Satan? Will the Illuminati stop dwelling in toilets?

Available to buy as ebook and paperback in September 2019.