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Heliophobia Feedback

Heliophobia Feedback – The second novel in Rae Delarae’s erotic vampire series is now available to buy HERE

Heliophobia: Feedback

After a year of undead life, reluctant vampire Rae is still struggling to accept the inner changes, surviving by the skin of the fangs while adapting to the unwritten rules of a vampire society that thrives on control.

Certainly, Doctor Killin controls Rae. Such is the immutable law of ‘obedience to the blood’. Killin turned Rae so Rae must obey. It’s a vampire thing. Pets, slaves or lovers, Senior vampires use those they turn as the fancy takes them.

Rae’s escapades are visceral, sometimes violent, frequently depraved. However, when Killin orders Rae to court the attentions of an old enemy, Rae is forced into territory that proves not only dangerous but disturbingly seductive.

It’s a good job Rae has a sense of humour.

Heliophobia II: Feedback

A Vampire Story

Not a Fairy Tail

Available as PAPERBACK

Soon to be available as ebook, check back for updates.

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