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The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys series

This series is now available to buy in multiple formats.

Following on from the  “Sphere of Fear 2” movie, it weaves a story about the consequences of opening a door to Hell!

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys

Available to buy on Amazon as Kindle and paperback.

The door to Hell is open and demons are flooding the mortal realm; rampaging, burning and destroying. The City Council controls the situation with a dirty cover-up, courtesy of a treacherous alliance with toilet dwelling Illuminati. The demons split into a civil war, one half wanting to conquer the Earth, the others wanting to collective bargain with Satan for better conditions in Hell; with wages, paid holiday and maternity leave. The situation threatens to spiral out of control with planned protests and marches for their rights. The Council is forced to bring in a 5,000 year old secret society of demon hunters to fix everything; The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys. Yet before the Temple can smash the demons it must deal with its own issues; the clash of cultures between oriental tradition and Western managerial profit driven systems, not to mention spies, rivals, superstar DJs and ladyboys. 

This book follows on from the Sphere of Fear movies.

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Audiobook also available from Amazon and itunes. Narrated by Dr. Hugh Pincott of Enfield Poltergeist fame.


Tiger Monkeys Audiobook

Audiobook is now available to buy from different audio sites.

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys. It is  narrated by Dr. Hugh Pincott, the lead researcher on the Enfield poltergeist case in the 1970’s. This audiobook is sounds superb and is available to buy on Audible

Also available on Amazon and itunes.

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys Volume 2

The latest instalment of Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys has been released!

The Illuminati want to privatise Hell. There’s billions to be made from the free workforce of damned souls there but Satan stands in their way, they will have to assassinate him. Meanwhile, Satan’s on Earth and wants his demons back; he has no-one to collect his banana slippers every morning. But his demons refuse to return, they still want full pay, sick pay and a dental plan. The Temple is forced into a treacherous alliance with demons loyal to Satan and both demon armies fall into civil war. Master Cheng Fu must deal with Steve’s increasing quest for dirty cash, Tiffany Towers’ thirst for power and Zing’s crazy tick boxing. Hated rivals, The Shrine of the Flying Attack Dragons and the misplaced loyalty of his former Temple comrades crush his resolve. The Temple is at risk of spiralling into chaos forever. Can Cheng Fu save the Temple? Will his team of oddballs and losers hinder or help him? Can the Hunter keep his magic box secret from Satan? Will the Illuminati stop dwelling in toilets? Find out the answers in this crazy second instalment.





Tiger Monkeys T-shirts

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys t-shirts

£12 – Multiple sizes


Heliophobia Series

This depraved and kinky vampire series is now available to buy in multiple formats.

Heliophobia - A Vampire Story

HELIOPHOBIA I had a girlfriend. I had a life. Then I got jumped and it all got taken away. If I sound pissed off it’s because I am. A bit. Quite a lot, actually. It’s not like I asked to be inducted into the 27 Club by a Vampire, is it? How would you feel? So, anyway, this is me telling you what happened.

But here’s a caveat: Don’t go reading it if you’re a kid, say – under eighteen (or anyway, at least sixteen). That would not be appropriate. This is no love story; no tale of star-crossed teenage whatever and no guarantee of a happy ending. There’s violence, sex and weird kinky stuff.

So read at your own risk and don’t blame me if it puts things in your head you didn’t bargain for. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And don’t go asking, “Is Rae male or female?” Because what difference does that make?

Heliophobia: a Vampire story Not a fairy tale

Currently available on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle

Heliophobia II - Feedback

Heliophobia: Feedback

After a year of undead life, reluctant vampire Rae is still struggling to accept the inner changes, surviving by the skin of the fangs while adapting to the unwritten rules of a vampire society that thrives on control.

Certainly, Doctor Killin controls Rae. Such is the immutable law of ‘obedience to the blood’. Killin turned Rae so Rae must obey. It’s a vampire thing. Pets, slaves or lovers, Senior vampires use those they turn as the fancy takes them.

Rae’s escapades are visceral, sometimes violent, frequently depraved. However, when Killin orders Rae to court the attentions of an old enemy, Rae is forced into territory that proves not only dangerous but disturbingly seductive.

It’s a good job Rae has a sense of humour.

Heliophobia II: Feedback

A Vampire Story

Not a Fairy Tail

Available as PAPERBACK

Soon to be available as ebook, check back for updates.

Upcoming Books

The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys volume 3 is in the pipeline and will be complete and on Amazon by January 2023

The third book in the Heliophobia vampire saga from Rae Delarae is underway and will be available on Amazon within the next few months. Check here for more details as they arrive.

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