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Sphere of Fear 2 Trailer released

It’s back from Brazil and more “terriball” than before. Dylan Davis is a depressed mess, The Hunter has stolen Faye Le Mort from him, even his dead brother cannot help. Who can help Dylan? The Demon Football of course. Satan wants the Football’s help, Dylan needs the Football’s help, what can go wrong?

The Sphere of Fear 2 trailer is now complete. Check this out now. The full movie will be shown on the festival circuit and then released On Demand. Keep checking here for details.

Cinedownloads 2019 Arm Wrestling Competition

Kung Fu Tony is the winner of the first annual Cinedownloads arm wrestling competition. He beat all comers in decidely dodgy fashion with many people shouting “Cheat!” Yet he still walked out as the winner. Congrats Tony!

Cinedownloads Fantasy Football League 2019-2020

The football season is coming, join the Cinedownloads Fantasy Football League and have your team battle against Chris Ball Hero, Ross the Terminator and others.

Register your team at and enter this code 2g72gu on the join private league page. See you there!

Heliophobia - A Vampire Story

Heliophobia, the debut book from Rae Delarae is now available to buy as paperback

HELIOPHOBIA I had a girlfriend. I had a life. Then I got jumped and it all got taken away… READ MORE HERE

The Millers short film

Chris Ball Hero’s directorial debut short film, “The Millers” a gangster film revolving around mafia families in the 1930’s, has been scripted and is currently being cast. This film will be shot in Plymouth over the summer at Lea studios. Contact cinedownloads if you wish to get involved.

Sphere of Fear 2 Festival Selection

Sphere of Fear 2 has made selection in its first film festival, the IndieFilmChart. Let’s hope it goes on to big things there.

Hard and Fast Car Series

The Hard and Fast Car Series looks likely to be resurrected in the next few months. Check out the cinedownloads crew posing with a Ferrari and some beers

T-shirts available available to buy

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys and Sphere of Fear 2 t-shirts now available to buy in multiple sizes.

Be the best dressed dude on the beach this summer with one of these shirts. Designed by the awesome Dave at

BUY NOW Killer Tiger Monkeys

BUY NOW Sphere of Fear 2

Sphere of Fear 2 Premiere

Come along and watch the world premiere of this awesome movie from Cinedownloads. Free to watch with a buffet and bar and meet the stars!

Sphere of Fear 2 profits to go to charity

Cinedownloads announce that all the profits from Sphere of Fear 2’s future OnDemand run will be handed over to Football For Cancer. This charity uses football as a focal point for bringing people together to fund raise and support people affected by cancer. Contact the charity on the link for more information about what they do and how you can help.

T-shirts available to buy

Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys T-shirts are available to buy through

Sphere of Fear 2 T-shirts available right now

Spooky Squad New Episode released

Sphere of Fear Episode 6 – The possession episode is now available to watch after six years. Check it out here The Spooky Squad

Sphere of Fear 2 Musician, check him out!

The awesome Ged Grey was responsible for the crazy and melodic soundtrack found on Sphere of Fear 2. Checkout more of his work at his Soundcloud page HERE

Sphere of Fear 2 soundtrack band album launch

Six Sins Till Sunday’s album MASKS was launched yesterday in front of a packed crowd at the Junction, Plymouth. The album track Life on a Cross can be found on the soundtrack of Sphere of Fear 2. Buy their album HERE

Coming soon, new episode of The Spooky Squad

Spooky Squad Episode 6 will be completed soon. This long awaited addition to the series features Ann and Marting being possessed by “something” in an old building in Penzance. This episode should be ready to watch in a few weeks.

Audiobook for Killer Tiger Monkeys coming soon

Recording is underway for the audiobook version of the Temple of Killer Tiger Monkeys. Narrated by the legendary Dr. Hugh Pincott, (lead researcher on the Enfield Poltergeist case in the 1970’s). This audiobook is sounding superb so far and should be available to buy on Audible within the next few weeks.

George Wilson AKA Ziggy from Grange Hill in Sphere of Fear 2

Shooting recently finished with George Wilson who plays the Arch Angel Trevor. Check him out above in this picture taken on set for Sphere of Fear 2 and in the picture below when he was in Grange Hill in the late 80’s early 90’s.

Got ghosts? Call the Spooky Squad

Contact us if you have any paranormal problems or issues of a supernatual nature. The Spooky Squad will be happy to investigate. Serious enquiries only.

John Altman voiceover recorded for Sphere of Fear 2

The awesome John Altman (Pictured with the movie’s director), is famous for playing “Nasty Nick” in Eastenders. He has recorded his voiceover as the Demon Football in Sphere of Fear 2. It sounds every bit as villanous as you’d expect from the dastardly Altman.

Six Sins Till Sunday contribute to the Sphere of Fear 2 soundtrack

Rock band, Six Sins Till Sunday have contributed their dizzingly awesome track “Life On A Cross” to the final soundtrack for Sphere of Fear 2. This mind grinding track appears in the “Hell’s Kitchen” scene and on the final credits. Their album “Masks” is available to order here; MASKS

The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys now available to buy on Amazon

Check out the book which follows on from the Sphere of Fear movies. Available on Amazon as Kindle book or in two paperback versions, large size and normal size.

Mustang footage for Sphere of Fear 2

Here’s two versions of some footage shot for the “Stars and their Cars” scene in Sphere of Fear 2. This footage features a superb looking 69′ Fastback Mustang.

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