Never edit the Theme files directly -always use a Child Theme

Added Plugin Orbisus Child Theme Creator to make child themes. The first theme we used was not good for Mobile phone display so changed to Baskerville, made a Child Theme and used that.

Added Plugins WP-supersized for backgrounds. PluginEasing Slider for slider on home page. WP AutoTerms for legal notices in footer.

Screenshot when in WordPress backend
NOTE on left Appearances and Theme Editor. On the right header.php is selected, the item above being the original and now named header-orig.php always a good idea to use a copy. The center of the screen is editing the Header image at line 58, see below.

The initial entry was the previous header…cine-logo-2.png The new entry on line 58 as below shows the new one with the sizes changed accordingly Cinedownloads_websiteheaderAMEND.jpg