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SPHERE OF FEAR 2 TRAILER It’s back from Brazil and more “terriball” than before.The Sphere of Fear 2

Sphere of Fear 2 has just been completed, check out the trailer! We’re now looking at having a press screening and getting this movie in some festivals. Keep an eye here for further updates or even better join our mailing list.

The original Sphere of Fear movie is still available to watch for free on Cinedownloads. Watch the trailer and check out what you’ve been missing. See the whole film VIDEO

Cinedownloads T-shirts – Sphere of Fear 2 and Killer Tiger Moneys available to buy from

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Cinedownloads have proudy partnered with Football For Cancer. Sphere of Fear 2 will be launched OnDemand with all profits going to this awesome charity! Football For Cancer

The Temple of the Killer Tiger Monkeys novel is now available to buy on Amazon on Kindle and in two paperback sizes – normal and supersize.

Following on from the Sphere of Fear movies, this novel tells us what happens when a doorway to Hell is opened and chaos ensues. READ MORE HERE

Kindle and A4 size paperback BOOK!

Normal size paperback 6×9 BOOK”

Cinedownloads content is currently being shown on ROKU TV channel

Brand new Spooky Squad Episode just released! Watch for free now.